Tri Monsters Camps (6-11yrs)

Tri Monsters Camps

Drills, skills and games for 6-11yrs to teach and practice triathlon specific skills such as: bike handling skills, transition skills, and comfort swimming in open water.  For most enjoyment of the program, kids should already know how to ride a 2 wheel bike, and be comfortable getting wet in the lake.  Locations vary (Polson Park, Kin Beach)

Spring Camp

Mon/Thurs 4:00-5:15 pm

May 29 – June 22

Summer Camp

Mon-Fri 6:00-7:15 pm

August 28 – September 1st

Save the Dates:  

Tri Monster camp participants are strongly encouraged to join us for the following events – Kamloops Kids of Steel June 11; Summerland Orca Triathlon Sept 3; Paradigm Naturpathic Kids Tri Sept 10.